About Us

 Mallard Lake Association Inc. was founded over a decade ago by a group of property owners who had an immense desire to maintain the quality of our shorelines and water.  The charter of Mallard Lake Association is to maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of Mallard Lake.  Mallard Lake Association is operated and organizad as a non-profit organization.  No asset of the association shall benifit an officer or member and the association will not participate in partisan political activity. 

Mallard Lake Association is a member of the Wisconsin Lakes Association, Burnett County Lakes & Rivers Association and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

 2023 Board of Directors

President                              Mike Mattis

Vice President                      Don Lundgren

Past President                      Dan Hoey

Acting Secretary                   Valli Sauer

Treasurer                              Garrett Conover

Director                                 Steve Kramer

Director                                 Mindy Hoey

Director                                 Kara Kooken-Sachs

Director                                 Mike Brunner