Mission:  The associations mission is to ensure the intergety and quality of Mallard Lake.

    The beauty of our shorelines and the water clarity of Mallard Lake are important to all of us.  All 42 property owners on the lake enjoy spending time on this beautiful body of water, but at the same time, we all have a vested interest in protecting it.  The Mallard Lake Association takes measures to help preserve our lake.

    Every spring and fall, the association tests the water in Mallard Lake for clarity and takes water samples that are sent to a research facility for testing.  These tests have been performed for over a decade and our water quality has been very consistent.  Our intent is to continue with the testing with the hope that the water remains consistent.  If there is a change in the lakes water quality, we will catch it early, understand it, and get the appropriate experts involved to rectify the issue.

    You also may have noticed the signs along the road leading in and out of the lakes public access and boat landing.  The association purchased and installed these signs to help keep harmful invasive species and aquatic plants from entering Mallard Lake.